MySchoolAccount Technology

School Payment Software and Much More!

MySchoolAccount is a simple and secure way for schools to connect, transact and manage all their school payments for lunch, registrations & fees.

Explore how MySchoolAccount can work for you!??

MySchoolAccount’s?Online School Payment Solution gives parents and schools the ability to manage their students’ school lunch accounts, make secure deposits, pre-order meals, pay school fees and more!

MySchoolAccount Online School Payment Software
The MySchoolAccount Difference!

We pride ourselves on agility, fitting our systems to our clients rather than fitting our clients to our systems. We work hand in hand with you to improve communication and convenience for your organization and your parent base.

Our bottom line is improving what you do by taking the legwork out of it for you. Fill out the form and we'll get you some additional information posthaste!

Want MySchoolAccount for Your School?
To learn more about MySchoolAccount, it’s features, pricing details, or to schedule a demo, fill out the form below and a MySchoolAccount representative will be in contact with you shortly.

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